One part artistic, one part science. Shaken, not stirred. I pride myself in my technical prowess in photography. But rest assured, my technical knowledge does not come at the expense of creativity. Psh. You know that's right.

At 22 years old, I've successfully handled projects for the likes of Microsoft, T-Mobile, Adaptiva, Seattle Pain Center, and many more, and I've only been mistaken for an intern on set a few times.


Brand style guides are to me as Twilight books are to teenage girls. I specialize in creating unique, clean, and coherent design and branding across your company's marketing platforms. Print, social media, web, motion graphics, you name it. Eye-catching is what I do.



There is no greater challenge than entertaining the attention span of today's online viewer. There's a maximum time of two minutes and thirty seconds to create a cinematic masterpiece with all the content and information you need to communicate to your consumers. Impossible, right? Impossible happens to be my specialty.